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River Raisin Models is in the process of changing our business contact information. Effective immediately our new business phone number is (248) 363-6965. Cell phone number is (248) 640-4464. We may be reached by eMail at Thanks to all our customers for their continued support.     Dan Navarre



     Brass Parts Information Update - In preparation for attending the 2015 O/S West Show in Santa Clara, CA, we shipped our brass parts, trucks, and wheelsets via FEDEX to the show. The two shipping cases never arrived and FEDEX claimed they were destroyed in a truck/trailer fire.

     It has been very difficult to get consistent information regarding the extent of damage and the details of the accident, but their claim is that the cases were destroyed and we will not get anything back. The majority of our inventory of brass parts, trucks, and wheelsets were lost.
    Please see our “Parts in Stock” page to see the updated list of what we still have in inventory. These parts have been gathered over 25 years of importing brass projects and making use of the patterns for those models. It is impossible to replace those parts. The parts on the list are in short supply, so if you are considering parts for a project either now or in the future, you may want to purchase them as soon as possible.
    The FEDEX incident has been very unfortunate and detrimental for River Raisin Models.

Check out the new collection added to the "Models" page.

Selected Photos of the New SP 2-6-0 & 0-6-0 Locomotives:

SP Flyer








Photo Left - Prototype
0-6-0 SP "Flyer"
No. 1278

The Triple Bolster Passenger Trucks have arrived.

Southern Pacific SP 43 & 43-R, as used by the NYC & PRR, have arrived and are being shipped. The Passenger Trucks are painted black. Extra units are available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.     $69.00 / Pair
Passenger Truck   Passenger Truck
SP 43 style truck
43-R (NYC,PRR, IC)


Dan @ S West

River Raisin Models and
Boo Rim Precision
discuss future plans.


Dan Navarre and SeHo Jang, the owner of Boo Rim Precision, behind the display table at the O/S West Train Show in California, February, 2012. Both proudly showing off the new River Raisin Models USRA 0-6-0 production samples recently built by the Master Craftsmen at Boo Rim Precision.



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